Superior Cuisine
Sashimi and Sushi which made from Hakkata, Sayori, Speical Fatty Tuna and Japanese Beef are fresh and sumptuous. The Abalone Sashimi and Hokaido Sea Urchin Sashimi are must try items, while its Grilled Kinki Fish with sea salt is a delicacy. Precious Truffle Seafood Fried Rice and Grilled Cod Fish with miso paste are signature dishes. Tomokazu Noodle is a popular well-known Japanese udon with teppanyaki prawns, Japanese barbecued pork etc., served in milky white fish soup which possesses a rich mellow taste.
Quality Wine Beverages
At Tomokazu wine goes hand-in hand with food. We serve a variety of premium brands and other unique and special wines, such as the 30 years old Hibiki and 20 years old Yoichi..
Japanese whisky and sake lovers will be delighted with our wide selection range.
Japanese Style Decoration
Tomokazu is decorated in Japanese style. With 11 VIP rooms, the largest Tatami room can accommodate up to 36 people. Each big Tatami room is designed in its unique theme, and is painted with an exquisite Japanese hand-painted mural. Tables at the main dining hall are partitioned with elegant and distinctive Japanese bamboo curtains. The long Sushi Bar counter accommodates 12 comfortable seatings where patrons can enjoy the chefs’ skills in preparing Sashimi and Sushi.
Gathering And Socialization
Open daily until 3.30 a.m., Tomokazu is an ideal place for friends to sip a glass or two of wine, whiskey, sake and a light supper.
In the Tatami room, you can appreciate the theme of the room and observe the exquisite murals while enjoying the food, wine, sake and company of friends in private.
Come and enjoy Tamokazu’s decoration, its themes, murals and unique Japanese dining experience. You’ll have a memorable time.